A Walk In The Rain

Sunny Days Are Just Too Happy For Introspection

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'lo. I'm Elizabeth. Just Elizabeth.

Yes, I'm an anime fanatic. And a book fanatic. And I love to read GOOD fanfiction although there's a bit of a shortage of that these days.

My favorite color is red, my favorite number is 7, and why the hell would anyone care?


Neopets username - sangodemonslayer
Gaia (rarely used) - sangodemonslayer


dragon_miko (Isis Ishtar in yuugiou_rp)
duelistofroses (Siegfried Von Schraider in rp_of_yuugiou)
dragon_duelist (Kaiba Seto in gates_of_orion)
kawazoe_kumiko (Kawazoe Kumiko, leader of new_humanity)
isis_aset (Isis Ishtar in immortal_egypt)
ardor_kun (Ardor, for no particular community)
aset_san (Isis Ishtar in beyond_the_game

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User Number: 4020655
Date Created:7/31/04
Number of Posts: It goes up

Elizabeth is an active RPer who enjoys writing, drawing, and reading. Especially manga. She likes anime, her favorites being Yuugiou, InuYasha, Rurouni Kenshin, and Crest/Banner of the Stars, among others. She also likes reading, her favorite book being "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett; dragons; and the rain.
Strengths: Humble; intelligent; sensible; a good poet (or so I've been told); types using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Weaknesses: Her obsessions with anime, violent kung fu movies, and milk; slightly sadistic; a little insane
Special Skills: Writing; reading; drawing; poetry
Weapons: Her bad singing; her long nails (o.o); odd names for others
The Muses: Yumi-chan; Sango-san; Sakura; Ardor-kun; Kumiko-sama

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A young woman walks in the rain holding her hat over her head.
Divinatory Meanings: This card shows that difficult times may be ahead, but reminds that one has to look to the future and all will be well.
Reversed: Reversed this card symbolizes hard times ahead without much hope for an improvement.
Element: Water

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I'm in Slytherin!

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I'm in Slytherin... who would've guessed?

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